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Our Current Fundraising Projects

Looking for the potential investor in one Hedge funds deal in Texas

  • Looking for the potential investor in one Hedge funds deal in Texas. Deal size $38.5 million.
  • Here are the highlights of the Apartment investment project.


Annual Return


Revolutionary Anti-Acne Solution

Be part of our cruelty-free skincare movement, offering a groundbreaking anti-acne product. Our ambition is to become a global sensation.

Innovate, Learn, Succeed

An intuitive solution for teaching, learning, and product innovation. Utilize qualitative research and scientific methods for viral products.

Innovative Patented Tech

A deep-tech firm supplying cutting-edge materials to various industries, including 8 F1 teams. Scaling up with aerospace ventures and AI-driven R&D for EURO 60M turnover by 2027.

Next-Gen e-Clinical Software

Innovative NJ company delivers blockchain-integrated clinical trials management. Seeking $3Mn to enhance product development, sales, and customer support for exponential growth.

Transforming Mental Health with Leaf

Leaf seeks funding for accessible mental health connections via their innovative platform. Building a massive provider network with social impact goals, targeting insurers and Medicaid.

Oral Health Solutions

Revolutionizing oral health with regenerative solutions to restore enamel. Our protective/regenerative varnish, a breakthrough in the market, regenerates enamel’s natural properties.

Lucrative NY 3-Family Apartment Construction Project

New 3-Family Apartment Building in NY’s R6 zone, 6,000 sf. Proposed sale: $4M, with $1M+ net profit in 24-36 months. Seeking $2.3M for acquisition and construction.

Texas Apartment Hedge Fund Deal

Invest in $38.5M apartment deal in Texas: joint venture for non-property taxes, expansion potential, Class B+, and City support.

Ultra-Modern Rooftop Terrace Townhomes

Experience luxury living at its finest in Charlotte’s sought-after location. Town Homes offers 29 upscale units with rooftop terraces, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, bonus rooms, and 2-car tandem garages.

Elevate Living with a New City

Invest in an off-market real estate endeavor, creating a New City in a historic & UNESCO protected locale. Embrace the vision of 1,500 residential units, upscale hotels, a marina, and a dynamic urban center, all along the waterfront.

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