Investment Opportunity in Deep Tech Space

Deep Tech
Series A
Italy, EU

Investment - Euro 4M

In particular, company has developed an additive technology of basic materials (polymers, including resins, paints etc) with nano particles, significantly increasing their performance. To date, the company aims to enter a SCALE-UP phase, extending the marketing of its products beyond the simple supply of samples for tests and prototypes and to attack new markets, especially in sectors with high added value (such as aerospace). To do this, company is facing a period of intense commercial and technical boosting, with targeted hiring and strengthening of its financial position. The five-year plan envisages a growth in turnover in 2023 (to > EURO 2M), the achievement of the Break-Even (EBITDA > 0) in 2024 and the reach of EURO 60M in 2027. Growth could have an even more accelerated dynamic, if the adoption of novel products would be wider than expected, especially in high margin productions, thanks to a greater impact in the discovery of the new materials through the application of AI algorithms in the R&D process. To finance the Go-To-Market plan, The company will launch a Series A Capital Increase of EURO 4M, expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2023 and potentially an additional Series B Round for a similar amount in the next 36 months. From a recent report by the JEC Observers, it resulted that the global market value of composites (primary reference of Nano-Tech’s activity) was USD 37B in 2021 with an estimated growth to USD 46.5B in 2027.