Join the Revolution with Leaf's B2B Mental Health Powerhouse!

Mental Healthcare
Round - Pre Seed

Investment - $1.5M

  • Combining social impact with strong financial returns, Leaf is raising $1.5Mn in exchange for SAFE/Convertible notes. Here’s insight into their business:
  • Leaf’s end user experience is simple: complete a brief questionnaire online, through an app, or by phone, and get connected with a therapist who accepts your insurance, has specific experience treating your concerns, and is accepting new patients.
  •  Leaf’s technology and expertise are used to identify and contact suitable therapists based on the end user’s specific criteria. 
  •  Building the country’s largest mental health provider network- using a listserv format to recruit 15K+ providers in the next 12 months, not currently charging the providers a fee which will allow faster and farther reach/ expedite signups, possible future monetization by allowing buy up to a “priority list”, they have greatly reduced overhead costs (no provider contracting, credentialing, etc.) and allows for faster growth and steeper margins.
  •  Leaf’s platform helps teams continuously validate their business models for a strong product/market fit. They keep pace with the latest developments in AI and other technologies, and incorporate continuous customer feedback.
  •  Currently, Leaf has four active employer accounts, sold through benefits brokers, and two more onboarding. They will continue to sell to small and midsize employers who are in need of a better mental health solution for employees, a market that is approximately 47% of the US workforce and a white space in the market today.
  •  Growth will be further ignited in 12-18 months with two research studies that quantify how much the service will save insurers in claims costs and improve work productivity while decreasing absenteeism for staff. This data is an inroad to larger insurer and Medicaid contracts.