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Pre-assessment of the business to assess financial eligibility: This service is helpful for startups to determine whether they meet the financial eligibility criteria for funding from investors. This pre-assessment can help startups to identify any areas they need to improve in order to qualify for funding.

Detailed financial projections & valuation: Providing detailed financial projections and valuation can help investors to better understand the potential financial returns of the startup. This can help startups to attract more investors and secure better funding terms.

World-class pitch deck by highly skilled professionals: A pitch deck is a crucial tool for startups to present their business to potential investors. A professionally designed and well-presented pitch deck can make a big difference in attracting investors and securing funding.

Business consulting and marketing support to build business demand: Building business demand is an important part of any startup’s success. Business consulting and marketing support can help startups to identify and target their ideal customers, create effective marketing strategies, and build a strong brand.

Warm introduction with all the in-network investors: Getting a warm introduction to potential investors can be a great advantage for startups. It can help them to build relationships with investors and increase their chances of securing funding.

Frequently asked questions

How can the pre-assessment service help my startup?

The pre-assessment service evaluates your business's financial eligibility for funding, helping you identify areas for improvement and increase your chances of qualifying for investor funding.

Why are detailed financial projections and valuation important for startups?
How can a professionally designed pitch deck benefit my startup?