Invest in Blockchain (Decentralized Clinical trials)


Investment - $3M

  • NJ based, innovative, clinical trials management and financial software company focused on accelerating clinical trials at Life science firms. The company has rolled out an innovative approach to capture data in clinical trials ensuring authentic data in real time by leveraging a blockchain engine. Their systems’ multiple modules (eConsent/eTMF/CTMS/EDC/ Financial module) are integrated into a unified iPad, Cloud and Blockchain platform.
  • The company focus on the pain points of data integrity, multiple systems, lack of Real Time data, vulnerability to Ransomware attacks, and payment inefficiencies associated with the traditional clinical trial methods.
  • They offer a fully decentralized e-clinical software well suited for Hybrid or Decentralized trials or RWE and is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. By integrating multiple systems, The company deliver resource efficiencies – especially important in resource constrained organizations- in addition to ease of use.
  • Based on the sales pipeline, this year the company is poised to register a revenue of $100K and the year 2024 is projected at $300-$400K in revenues.
  • The company is seeking to raise $3Mn in convertible debt to expand their reach and bring their software solutions to a wider audience. With your investment, The company will be able to invest in product development, sales and marketing, and customer support, helping them to continue to improve and grow. The goal of the seed raise is to scale up to 5 customers and $1 million revenues.